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Plagiarism and Copyscape – Shame on you John J King! Boo!

On a whim, I entered the text from one of my articles into Copyscape. I was surprised and shocked to find that my Google Certification article had been posted in several places on the internet. Now, if it were posted in these places and listing me as the author, I might not have an issue with it. HOWEVER, the article was posted in no less than 10 different locations, not with my name as the author, but the author was listed as “John J King”.

The funny part about it (and I do mean funny as in ‘ha ha’ because it made me laugh) was that this John J King person had copied the article from the EzineArticles website where it was originally published. When he copied the article, he also copied one of the Author Bio lines that contained my name! So this article he posted all over the internet had my name in the bottom line!!  Ha Ha!

I did contact the webmaster for several of the websites and so far two of them have removed my articles and vowed to not work with John J King anymore.  I was outraged when I found my article published in various places under someone else’s name. I mean, there was no question it was mine. It was copied 100% from my article. People who do that are just scum of the Earth and it makes me angry!

Anyway, if you are an author and want to check to see if your work has been stolen, you just need a Copyscape account. You do have to pay for it, but the cost is so low and the benefits are well worth it. Copyscape charges $0.05 per search. So, you can purchase 200 searches for just $10.00. 🙂

Simply visit: to set up your account.

Happy Writing!


2 thoughts on “Plagiarism and Copyscape – Shame on you John J King! Boo!

  1. Eileen, I’m very glad that you were able to track down your article/s and find the culprit behind the theft. This is an issue that makes me so angry because people dont see content theft as a crime at all. Thank god for tools such as Copyscape.

    • Thanks, Shobavish! Those who steal our work and the works of others have not idea how much it hurts and enrages us. We spend a lot of time researching and writing our material and to have it stolen is just disgusting!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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