Drive In Movies

Today’s Google Doodle got me thinking about drive in movies. Today is the 79th anniversary of the invention of the drive-in-movie theater. I found some interesting information about the smallest, largest, and most interesting drive-in-movie theaters on (Drive In Info). I have alwyas loved drive-in movies. When I was a kid, I can remember going to see Pet Cemetary with my family. My brothers and me were in the back seat with the speaker box attached to our window, huddled down behind the seat on the scary parts. We laughed and had great fun.

The drive-in theaters were always more affordable for us. We were a family of five and our local drive-in charged by the car, not the person, so we could all go to the movie for one price and sit in our own car, be comfortable and not have some weird0 sitting next to us (well, at least not a weirdo that we didn’t know that is.).

When I got older and became a parent myself, drive-ins were harder to find. However, when my boys were small, my husband and I lived in Corsicana, Texas, which had a drive-in theater just a few miles away. We took our kids there several times. There was often a kids movie first and then a movie for the older folks after. I guess the assumption was that by the time the adult movie (not THAT kind of adult movie – perverts) was on, the kids would be asleep. My oldest son is high-functioning autistic, so a regular movie theater is not possible for him. He needs to be comfortable, be able to get up if he needs to, turn the volume down if he needs to, etc. So for us, a drive-in was the perfect answer.

In my neck of the woods, there are two drive-ins. One is in Dallas, Oregon (Dallas Motor Vu) and the other is in Newberg, Oregon (99W Drive In). Both of these are a little drive for us, Dallas being closer. We haven’t been to either one yet, but plan to go as soon as they show kids movies. I wish there were move drive-in theaters in this area. They really are a great solution for families so other movie goers are not disturbed by babies, or kids with special needs can enjoy the movie experience too.

What’s your favorite drive-in memory?



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