Book Project: Notes

As some of you may know, I am currently working on a book project. I have been interviewing Psychics and Mediums in the Oregon area for several weeks now. It is amazing the generosity and kindness these women have shared with me.

It is incredible to me that these women who I have spoken with have given freely of their time and information to someone they don’t know, have never heard of and they get nothing out of it themselves. After speaking with these women, I feel . . . hopeful. I feel like I have met someone who is kind and truly looking to help those who need guidance and help.

Some people think that Psychics and Mediums are evil or worship the devil. This could not be further from the truth. All of the women I have spoken to speak of their messages coming from a place of great love, where angels help the messages come through, and higher powers guide their messages to help those seeking information and guidance or closure from a loved one’s death.

I am encouraged and empowered to bring this book project to completion and bring to light all the wonderful work these people do. To tell their stories and help people understand these gifts and abilities that were given to help, not to hurt. Today’s Psychics and Mediums are not giving death sentences and dark foretellings of your future. They are seeking to help you find your path in life and bring you happiness and peace. How can that be wrong or evil?


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