Today’s OneWord: Hall

Sparkling sunshine could not compare to the brightness that filled my soul. I ran down the hall, a smile pulling my lips higher than they’d ever been. I threw my backpack by the stairs and ran to the back of the house, calling my Dad’s name.

“Dad?! DAD!!”

I slid to a stop in the kitchen where my Dad was making a sandwich on the island. I wiggled the paper in his face, my grin hurting my face.

“Dad! I’m in. I got in. I’m IN!”

Dad dropped the bread and ripped the paper from my hands. He quickly read the first few lines and then grabbed me in his arms.

“Congratulations, Baby Girl!” He hugged me and hugged me and we laughed. He put me at the end of his arms, his hands holding my shoulders.

“You did it, Honey. I’m so proud of you.” He smiled and my soul warmed. I was in.


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