For those of you Indie authors out there who are seeking to self-publish, I want to share a website with you called Smashwords.

Smashwords is a site where you can publish your eBook or other content to multiple retail outlets at once. Smashwords allows you to distribute your work to the Apple iBookstore which serves over 50 countries, Barnes & Noble, Kobo (which powers other retailers as well), Sony, Baker & Taylor (which serves and the Axis360 public library platform), and the Diesel eBook Store.

Smashwords offers many tools and opportunities for those wishing to self-publish their work. Among the tools offered are:

  • We make it fast, free and easy to publish an ebook!
  • World’s largest indie ebook distributor
  • 185,000+ titles published by 50,000+ authors and publishers
  • 85% net back to the author/publisher/agent
  • Upload your book once and enjoy distribution to multiple retailers.  Spend more time writing and less time managing multiple retailer platforms.
  • We provide simple, step-by-step instructions that make it free and easy for anyone to create, publish and distribute an ebook.
  • Distribution to libraries
  • FREE ebook conversion to nine formats from a Word .doc
  • FREE unlimited anytime-updates to book and metadata
  • FREE consolidated sales reporting simplifies year-end tax reporting
  • FREE centralized metadata management
  • FREE exclusive marketing and selling tools such as our Smashwords Coupon Manager!

Smashwords allows any genre and the following formats:

  • Personal Memoirs
  • Short Fiction
  • Long Fiction
  • Essays
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays
  • Anything else you can write in a word processor!

Registering for a Smashwords account and publishing with them is free, so you don’t have to worry about being charged. You keep all the rights to your material and the publishing option with Smashwords is non-exclusive.

You can publish in Amazon and Smashwords both provided you are not using the Direct option with Amazon which has specific requirements.

Read more about Smashwords here: Smashwords Q & A

They have a Smashwords Style Guide which you can download free: Smashwords Style Guide

Smashwords also offers free books on:

The Secrets to ePublishing Success

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

and more! Sign up for a free Smashwords account to gain access to their free tools and tips as well as publish your work.

Sign Up for Smashwords



8 thoughts on “Smashwords

  1. Anyone who’s new to Smashwords needs to be aware that there are things that may influence their decision whether or not to use it. Once Smashwords has distributed your book, you will have little or no control over it, depending on the particular seller. If you want to change your price, that can take days to weeks. If you want to reduce the price on Amazon, they won’t allow it until the price has been reduced everywhere else. If you need to remove books from other sites in order to enroll in Amazon’s Select program, that may take so long that if you’ve already enrolled in Select, you will receive a warning and possible further action from Amazon. Sites may have problems that impact your books, like some of B & N’s that have come up lately. Sometimes Smashwords will respond to a request for help; sometimes they won’t. If not, you’re left to deal with the seller yourself. Other problems come up from time to time, like books that are supposed to have been distributed to the sellers, and never show up on some of them, so this isn’t something you should jump into blindly.

    I’m not trying to discourage anyone from using SW, since I’ve been publishing there for well over a year. But there *are* problems, and each writer has to decide whether they’re worth the convenience of one central location for their books.

    • Thanks for your input, Catana!

      As with anything, Readers, you want to read the FAQ section and the policies to be sure the venue fits your needs. Smashwords does address the length of time it takes for changes to be effective and many other questions you may have in the FAQ section. As Catana says, don’t rush in blindly.

      My purpose in posting about Smashwords, as I post about other resources as well, is to make you aware of a resource you may not have been aware of already. And it is important to read policies on any service you may be considering for publishing or other uses.

      Check out the Smashwords FAQ Section at this link:

      And you can check specifically on the duration for changes to take affect here:

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