Writing Ideas # 3: Old Friend

This is the third posting in a series of 5 related topics. If you missed the first one, you can find it HERE and if you missed the second one, you can find it HERE.

I subscribe to the Writer’s Digest newsletter and get emails from time to time about writing ideas. I got such an email with ‘5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas’. So, I have decided to post each of the prompts and my response.

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Number 3

So, here goes the third one:

The Prompt:

We have all had friends in our lives from grade school, high school or college that we knew quite well back then, but haven’t seen much (if at all) since. In fact, most of their lives are a mystery to us. Pick one of those old friends and write about the life they’ve been leading ever since you lost touch. What happened in his or her family life? What career path did he or she choose? Was he or she involved in something that led them to a life of crime? The possibilities are endless, which should drive you to be as creative as possible.

My Response:

The first person I thought of when I read this prompt was an old friend named Donna. I currently live in Oregon, but when I lived in Texas I had a really good friend named Donna. She was so nice and just a wonderful person to be around. I loved her very much. When I moved to Oregon, we lost touch. I have searched for her every way I know how, but I can’t find her. Her old number is disconnected and all the other avenues I know of show no trace of her. She was sick when I left and had recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and I worry about her health. I hope she is doing ok and think of her often. If I were to write this story, I would write a deliriously happy ending for my friend Donna.

So what do you think? Try the prompt yourself and see what you can come up with! Share your link in the comment section below so I can read yours too. 🙂

Happy Writing!

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