Writing Ideas # 5: Find a writing prompt and run with it

This is the fifth posting in a series of 5 related topics. If you missed the first four, search for ‘Writing Idea‘ on my blog and you should find them there.

I subscribe to the Writer’s Digest newsletter and get emails from time to time about writing ideas. I got such an email with ‘5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas’. So, I have decided to post each of the prompts and my response.

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Number 5

So, here goes the fifth one:

The Prompt:

Sometimes the best cure for writer’s block is to let someone else start your story for you. You can search the web and find a number of sites that offer them, or check out our database of creative writing prompts that gets updated every Tuesday. And who knows: The idea you get from a writing prompt may be just the inspiration you need to spark your creativity and write a short story or novel that sells.

My Response:

I love writing prompts. Many of you, Readers, have been reading my ‘OneWord’ posts for a while now. OneWord is a quick and easy prompt that gets my writing flowing as well as being absolutely free. Those are my favorite kinds. 🙂

Here are some of the writing prompt sources that I like to use:

Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompts

Story Starters

Random Line Generator

Plot Scenario Generator

And there are many more out there. There are also books and software that can help you get started as well. So no excuses! Get to writing, everyone.  🙂

So what do you think? Share your favorite resources in the comment section below.

Happy Writing!

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