Cave Expanded

Every once in a while I write a OneWord prompt piece and I’m sad that my time is up. So, this morning, I decided to fire up my Write or Die Desktop edition and write for 15 minutes on the prompt I started this morning. So, without further ado, here is 15 minutes of off-the-cuff writing on the word ‘Cave’.


The curtains were drawn, giving the room a cave-like darkness. Mark stood with his back to the window. Mindy could see the outline of his shoulders and head, but the rest of his body was lost in the darkness. She stayed where she was, straining in the dark to see what she knew he held in his hands. He moved and she realized he was smoking. A cloud of smoke was barely discernible in the dark, his breath the only sound.

Mindy didn’t know why he had called her here, but she knew he was dangerous. She took a step forward and heard his intake of breath.

“I’m here, Mark.” She said in his general direction.

“Yes.” He said. “I see that.”

They were both silent a moment more as she thought of her next move. Mindy knew he had the upper hand in this situation, but she needed to find out what he knew about Paul’s death. Taking a deep breath, Mindy crossed the remaining distance between them until she stood just before him. He took a step back and Mindy realized she had surprised him with her sudden movement.

“What do you want?” She half-whispered.

He was silent and she wanted to scream at him. Instead, she reached behind his back and whipped one of the curtains to the side, letting the light in. Mark threw his head away from the light as if he had been shot and growled at her. Mindy stood her ground and it was Mark’s turn to look frightened.

“Close it.” He said, with his face still turned away from the light source.


Quickly, he moved toward her and she realized why he had it dark in the room. The entire right side of his face was scarred. Instinctively, she reached to touch his face, concern in her heart.

“Oh my god, Mark. What happened?”

“Like you care!” He growled at her and pulled the curtains violently closed once again.

Mindy’s hand dropped to her side. “Of course I care, Mark.” If he could see her eyes, he would know the hurt she felt and that she truly did care.

“The only reason you came was because of Paul, Mindy. I’m not stupid. You just want to know what happened.”

She was silent.

Mark reached out, grabbing her shoulders in his hands and gave her a tiny shake. “Isn’t that why you’ve come? Not because I called and needed you, not because I wanted you here, but because you wanted information about Paul.”

He released her, moving away from her body. His hands fluttered in the air like dying birds and finally settled in the pockets of his khakis.

Mindy stood motionless for a few moments, looking at his downturned shoulders. She moved towards him, wanting to reach out but not knowing how after all that had passed between them.

She took a step in his direction just as he spoke again.

“Did you ever love me, Mindy?” He was quiet, his voice defeated and sad.

She didn’t have to think about the question at all. She knew the answer.

“Yes, Mark. You know I did.”

He turned around and she could see the desperation on his face. His eyes searched hers, her face and settled on her hands.

“Then why?”

She looked at him, not knowing what to say. How could he ask her that? How could he pretend not to know why she had left him for his brother?

“You know why, Mark.” Anger laced her voice. “Don’t pretend you don’t know. You just didn’t think I knew. But I did. I knew. I knew all of it.”

His brows furrowed as he listened to her words. “What are you talking about, Mindy?” His voice was low and warry.

“The baby, Mark. Are you really going to make me say it all outloud? Your disgusting actions, your complete disregard for our marriage, your disrespect for me?”

He waited a beat, watching her face for signs of false emotion. There were none. She believed what she was saying.

“Mindy. I really have no idea what you’re talking about. I never disregarded our marriage. And you were everything to me. I would never disrespect you. Who told you these things?”

Doubt flashed in her eyes. She studied his face. Finding no fault with his words or his mannerisms, her heart skipped. What if it was all wrong? What if none of it was true?

“Oh my god.” She said, her hand covering her mouth as tears began to fall. “Oh my god.”

Turning, Mindy ran from the room and Mark heard his front door slam.


6 thoughts on “Cave Expanded

  1. Great piece! I loved it. This was an exercise in random words and using them in a story. Writing in 5 minutes. Clock, Uncertainly & Fire.

    Fire light flickered on the walls and ceiling as Joan sat with a glass of her favorite red wine. Watching the flames lick the logs and send little sprays of ash and sparks upward, she tried to calm her mind. It was a certainty that Thomas would be angry with her once he knew of her accident. The clock ticked as its hands made their gradual path towards 9 o’clock and the inevitable argument.

    Joan had tried to cover up the dented fender with a casually placed cloth but Thomas would immediately know something was wrong as she had parked in his place in the garage. Such a creature of habit, her husband he had rules and very particular likes and dislikes. His routine had to be strictly adhered to or there was hell to pay. She knew he would go over the top with his recriminations and probably ban her from driving for months.

    The clock struck nine and she heard the garage door open as Thomas drove up to it. Straining her ears she heard his car drive forward and then shriek to a halt. His place was taken up by her car now he would be mad. A slam of the driver’s door told her he was walking through to the kitchen and she could feel his presence enter the lounge.

    She squeezed the trigger slowly as the instructor had told her and Thomas’ face flew apart. No more shouting, no more rules, no more living in fear. Watching Thomas’ foot twitch as the life left him gave her a rare feeling of joy. No more tormentor.

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