Book Review: The Final Arrangement by Annie Adams

Book Title: The Final Arrangement

Author: Annie Adams

Format: Kindle

Series: The Flower Shop Mystery Series

Volume: 1

Length: 304 pages

Publication Date: January 30, 2013

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


This is a great little book that I really enjoyed. The main character, Quincy, is plucky, funny and very lovable. Quincy is at odds with everyone, it seems, until things finally start to come together. Not knowing who she can trust when a fellow florist is murdered, she sets out to clear her name. Items found at the scene of the body’s discovery indicate that Quincy could be the one who killed the horrid man. With colorful characters, exciting happenings and a happy ending to boot, this is a good book for those who love mysteries and love.

Despite my enjoyment of the book overall, there were a few parts that I found confusing as I was reading the scene. I can’t tell you the scenes, or I’ll spoil the book, but towards the end, there is a scene that is pivotal to the story. There is a lot going on and it was sort of hard to follow. There is another conversation later in the book that made me confused as well. The scene and the conversation were both very important parts in discovering who the killer is.

The last scene in the book seemed a little forced as well. A bad-news character from earlier in the book pops up again and is subsequently squelched. All in one scene. I didn’t really understand the need to have that person pop up again, so I think I tried to read too much into it and ended up feeling disappointed that there wasn’t more to the situation than there was.

Overall, like I said, it’s a great book and I’m certainly not sorry I read it.


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