Freebie Friday: Ghostly Bounty

Hello Writers and Readers!

Another new feature here on my blog is Freebie Friday. Every Friday, I’ll give you something for free. It might be new pieces of writing, it might be books on Amazon or it might be something else, you never know what it will be!

For this, first Freebie Friday, I’m giving you one of my books for free! My book, Ghostly Bounty, will be free on today only! So pop on over and download your copy.

This is a book based on true life events as they were told to me by the person it happened to. Here’s some information on the book:

Ghostly Bounty: The True Story of Wealth Beyond the Grave

Larry is an average guy with above average dreams. Taking his future into his own hands, he invests in a house flipping project. Everything is going according to plan until treasure is discovered in the basement wall.

Mysterious events and disappearances begin to plague the project as Larry struggles to finish the remodel before his money runs out. Desperate for help, Larry turns to paranormal resources and learns that the house he purchased never really belonged to him at all.

***** Based on true life events. *****

Check it out for free today, Friday, July 13, 2013 only!

Here’s the link: Ghostly Bounty on Amazon

Ghostly Bounty by Eileen MakiThe True Story of Wealth Beyond the Grave

Ghostly Bounty by Eileen Maki
The True Story of Wealth Beyond the Grave


Happy Reading!

~ Eileen 🙂


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