Book Review: If Looks Could Kill by Eileen Dreyer

Book Title: If Looks Could Kill


Author: Eileen Dreyer

Format: Kindle

Length: 354 Pages

Publication Date: October 16, 2012

Rating: 4.50 out of 5.00

Summary: Chris Jackson is the real name of a famous writer who has chosen Pyrite as her new home. The townspeople love her, for the most part, and protect her identity from the outside world. Under a pen name, Chris writes horror stories about horrible murders. While working on her latest novel and welcoming the hunky new police chief, Al MacNamara, to town, Chris is haunted by a real killer who is copying her murder scenes perfectly. While Chris and Al try to discover who the killer is before they come too close for comfort, Chris tries to convince herself that the killer is not herself.

Pros: I liked this book and the underlying story about Chris Jackson. The characters were good and I think readers will relate to the hidden pains of Al and Chris especially. I liked the characters in the town of Pyrite and the descriptions of the town itself. I think I may have lived in Pyrite at one point in my life and not realized it! The supporting characters were very real. I loved Dinah and Trey and I, of course, loved to hate Sgt. Lawson and Reverend Sweetwater. I think my favorite character was Al MacNamara. After suffering a horrendous injury, Al decided to move to a smaller, quieter town, only to be put into the circus that is Chris Jackson’s life. Solid as a rock, Al is calm and cool and carries everyone through the story to the exciting end.

Cons: Chris’ different names are a little hard to keep track of. I can’t be a spoiler, but for me, it was just a tad too much. There were a couple typos in the book, but nothing that hugely detracts from the story. I think the biggest Con for me was that I felt there was no true resolution at the end of the book, and I’m a girl who loves a happy and complete ending. Another thing that is very small, but really sticks with me is that I don’t connect the book’s title with the events in the book.

Reader Warnings: This book does contain some sexual content, violence, child abuse, phobias and negative religious connotation.

In Conclusion: I enjoyed reading this book. If you like suspense and surprises, then this one’s for you. I recommend this one.

Happy Reading!

~ Eileen 🙂



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