Wordy Wednesdays: TEN (Part One)

Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays! As promised, here is Part One of Five of my new short story, “TEN”. Stay tuned as I release a new part of the story every week! Enjoy! 🙂





Waiting Room

Kyra Marin entered the waiting room. Closing the door softly behind her, she sat in her normal chair and picked up a magazine. She was the only one in the drab room. The couch across from her was a dull maroon color and looked as if it had been there for more years than she had been alive. The chair she sat in was wood with a green cushion, her favorite color. The tree in the corner looked like it was about to give up the fight and other chairs in the room had definitely seen better days.

The corner tables held mismatched lamps with low light and the overhead light was also of low wattage, lending a pale illumination to the room. Above the couch was a huge painting of a lake scene with the colors blurred together as if the artist didn’t have their glasses on. Kyra snickered and turned to her magazine.

The magazine she held was a fashion magazine with a skinny, blond model on the cover. Kyra rolled her eyes at the model and read the cover to see if the articles inside might be of interest. ‘How to Please Your Man’. Gag. ‘Better Hair in 5 Steps’. Barf. ‘10 Slimming Outfits on a Budget’. Double Barf. Seeing nothing that she was interested in, Kyra leaned forward to replace the magazine on the table and get another one. As she tossed the reading material on the table, a corner of a piece of paper protruded from the edge closest to her.

Glancing around to make sure no one had entered the room while she wasn’t paying attention, Kyra grabbed the corner of paper in her fingers and tugged. It was a tiny slip of paper with red writing in a flowery script. Kyra brought the paper closer and read the message.

Kyra’s eyes narrowed as she read the paper. “Your secret is not for you alone.”

She tucked the piece of paper into her purse and nodded to herself. Fine. It was time to take the plan to completion. She was ready.

Grabbing another magazine from the table, Kyra sat back and flipped through it while she waited for her turn with the doctor. Pausing on every other page, pretending to read the articles, Kyra prepared herself for what she must do. Years of therapy with the doctor were finally going to pay off. She knew all the details of the plan and the doctor played a huge part. Kyra needed to be careful in order to pull off her part of the action.

The office door opened and Dr. Martinson stood looking down at her.

“Hello, Kyra.” Dr. Martinson was an older woman. She always dressed in a business suit with a skirt and jacket. She always wore pearls on her neck and ears and she always wore black pumps. The doctor smiled at her and motioned her into the office with her left hand while holding it open with her right. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

Kyra tossed the magazine on the table with the others and preceded the doctor into her office. Following Kyra inside, Dr. Martinson closed the door with a solid push and took her place in the chair across from Kyra on the couch.


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