Wordy Wednesdays: TEN (Part Two)

Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays! As promised, here is Part Two of Five of my new short story, “TEN”. Stay tuned as I release a new part of the story every week!

If you missed it, you can find Part One HERE. Enjoy! 🙂





Doctor’s Office

“Tell me something that even those closest to you don’t know, Kyra.”

Kyra looked at her psychiatrist and didn’t say a word. Blinking slowly, she processed the question.

“Kyra?” The woman peered at her over her half-glasses, her milky gray eyes blinking. “Did you hear the question, Kyra?”

Making a decision quickly, Kyra’s lips formed a lop-sided grin.

“Yes, Dr. Martinson, I heard the question.” Committing to her decision, Kyra leaned back on the white leather sofa and crossed her legs. Joining her hands on her slim knees, she bounced her leg so her anklet jingled gently. “The real question, Doctor, is whether you want the answer or not.”

“Kyra.” Dr. Joy Martinson laid her pad and pen aside and looked her patient in the eyes. “We don’t play games here. You know that. Answer the question please.”

Kyra’s eyes landed on the table underneath the doctor’s writing pad. Another scrap of paper could be seen protruding from under the writing pad. Kyra watched her doctor’s face and smiled, her red lips curving gracefully.

“Alright, Doctor. But I think I’ll need some tissues.” Her grin widened and her index finger tapped slowly on her leg. Kyra brushed her straight dark hair from her shoulder.

“Very well.” Dr. Martinson turned to grab her box of tissues and Kyra quickly snagged the piece of paper from under the doctor’s pad. In the same red script, the message read, “A surprise awaits you in the near future.

Slipping the paper in her purse to join the first one, Kyra began to speak, “When I was five, my cat went missing.”

“Yes, you told me. Fluffy, right?” The doctor put the box of tissues on the table in front of Kyra.

“Yes. Fluffy was the first.”


“Yes, when the fifth cat disappeared, my parents finally suspected where they were really going.”

Silence stretched in the room. Without breaking eye contact, Dr. Martinson picked up her pad and pen from the table and adjusted her glasses.

“What happened to all the cats, Kyra?”

Without skipping a beat, Kyra leaned forward. “I skinned them, Doctor.”

The good doctor blinked. “You skinned them?”

“Yes.” Kyra said calmly. “I skinned them.”

Dr. Martinson had heard this from young people before. Kyra was trying to shock her. The doctor knew how to solve this one.

“Ok, Kyra. Tell me about skinning the cats. What did you use to skin them? Did you kill them first or skin them alive?”

The doctor, satisfied with herself, sat back in her chair and waited for Kyra to back down from her challenge.

Kyra’s smile didn’t even come close to reaching her emerald green eyes. Dr. Martinson felt a chill run down her spine and shivered despite the warmth of the room.

“The first cat was already dead and I filleted it with my Father’s fishing knife. The second cat I smashed over the head with a rock before I skinned it with the same fishing knife. For the third cat, I had purchased my own fillet knife off the Internet. I skinned it halfway while it was still alive and then it died. I finished skinning it after it died. The fourth cat, I disemboweled and gutted while it was still alive but I was disappointed that it died before I got to skin it. I skinned it anyway. By the time I got the fifth cat, I knew what I had to do. I sliced it open slowly, pushing my bare hands inside her belly. I loved the feeling of her warm insides all over my hand. I wiggled my fingers, finding her heart and massaged it to keep her alive, just like I had read about. I skinned her slowly, keeping her open so I could massage her heart from time to time while I finished the job. When I was done, she was flayed and her guts were intact, but exposed to the air. It was a success.”

Kyra sat perfectly still, enjoying the terror that slowly filled her doctor’s eyes. She let a few seconds pass before she whispered, “Well, Doctor? Am I making it up?”

The session timer chimed and without another word, Kyra gathered her purse and left.


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