Book Review: The Angry Woman Suite

Book Title: The Angry Woman Suite

Author: Lee Fullbright

Format: Kindle

Series: N/A

Volume: N/A

Length: 366 Pages

Publication Date: February 22, 2012

Rating: 4.00 out of 5.00

Summary: The Angry Woman Suite is the story of intertwined lives. Elyse is a young girl when her mother marries Francis Grayson. Francis is angry at the world and is an abusive father to Elyse and her little sister ‘Bean’. To understand Francis’ anger, the book tells the tale of what made Francis into the man he has become and what happens when Elyse is old enough to do something about it.

Pros: This is a touching and elegant story of life-long love, family deceit, mental illness, abuse and just living life. I immediately connected with Elyse and was touched by her devotion to her little sister, her need to protect Bean from the life that was chosen for them. The book definitely elicits emotions of all kinds. Magdalene is a mystery throughout, but you want to like her, to love her as Aidan does. I found myself wanting to love Magdalene, but not knowing how because I didn’t understand her. Which is what the author intended, I do believe. 🙂 The characters really came to life for me and it was a long journey that twisted and turned and came to a peaceful close.

Cons: There were several spots in the book that I found unclear. Especially where the identities of Francis and Jamie were concerned and who was who and which part of the story. There are parts when it is an action scene and I was not really sure what had just happened. For example, without giving too much away, there is a scene where a character is harmed by another character. It’s very unclear what happened. Did the attacker have a knife? Did they attack with a tree branch and inflict that much damage? Was the attacked person nude? I just was left in a cloud, not really understanding what had happened. There are several scenes that, for me, were unclear or confusing as to what had transpired when I was done reading it.

Reader Warnings: I would recommend this book for mature audiences. There are topics of child abuse, violence, alcoholism and sex. There are no over-the-top scenes, but there are scenes and descriptions of child abuse which I found to be disturbing, but who wouldn’t?

Conclusion: Overall, this is a good book. I enjoyed reading it. It’s really just the last few chapters that seemed to get confusing and unclear as to what was going on. The attack scene that I mentioned before, the scene on the third floor of Grayson House, and others that are just very confusing all happen towards the end. But it’s a great story. I love how history is woven into the thread of the story and made to be a part of the tapestry of their lives. The characters pulled at my heartstrings and pushed me on to the last page so I could make sure they turned out alright.


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