Wordy Wednesdays: TEN (Part Three)

Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays! As promised, here is Part Three of Five of my new short story, “TEN”. Stay tuned as I release a new part of the story every week!

If you missed previous parts of the story, you can find them at the links below. Enjoy! 🙂

Previous parts of the story:

Part One

Part Two






Kyra left the building where Dr. Martinson’s office had been for the last ten years of her life. Coming there every Thursday afternoon had truly taught her a lot about the human mind. The doctor was nothing but a guinea pig for Kyra.

Looking both ways before she crossed the street, Kyra trotted across and stopped in front of her car. The late model Honda was perfect for the young woman. Black with tinted windows, it looked just like every fourth car driving down any random street in her town. There were no identifying marks or stickers, no vanity plates and she always drove the speed limit.

Opening her car with the key fob, Kyra slipped into the driver’s seat and put her seat belt on. Raising her hand to turn on her radio, she spied another scrap of paper sticking out of the CD slot. Plucking it from her stereo, she read the message, “Now is the time for action.

Turning on the stereo, she discovered she had just a few minutes to get over to Center Street before the traffic cam would switch over to traffic on the bridge.

Kyra drove down to the stop sign at the end of the street and executed a right hand turn onto Denver Street. Driving exactly the posted speed limit, Kyra listened to the traffic as she drove sedately down Denver to the intersection of Denver and Center. Glancing in her rear view mirror, she could see the van approaching from behind and smiled. Sliding her sunglasses on, she grinned and revved her engine. The van revved back. He was ready.

Just as the traffic cam announced the congestion forming on Center Street, Kyra gunned her engine and peeled out into traffic in front of an empty school bus. The white van followed suit. The two cars were obviously in hot pursuit and the traffic reporter didn’t miss a beat.

As the eye in the sky excitedly began telling listeners about a high speed chase occurring south bound on Center street, Kyra weaved expertly in and out of traffic, knowing from research that the news camera could not see her license plate. Making a sharp left onto Lexington Avenue, Kyra pulled into an open garage and pushed the button to shut the door. Seconds later, she could hear the van whizzing by outside the garage. The traffic reporter sounded puzzled as he said the van was still in his sights, but the little black car had vanished.

Kyra smiled, put her car in park and opened the door. Grabbing her bag from the trunk, she locked the vehicle and exited through the small door in the corner of the room. Her heels clicked sharply as she entered a long hallway. Opening the fifth door on the left, she dropped the bag on the floor, turned and looked at the camera in the corner and removed her sunglasses.

“Mission accomplished.” She said, winking at the camera.

The only other door in the room opened and a woman entered, smiling.

“Excellent work.” She air kissed in Kyra’s direction and made to pick up the bag from the floor.

Kyra placed her foot on the strap.

“What are you doing?” The woman straightened and looked Kyra in the face.

“I’m not doing anything.” Kyra smiled devilishly.

“You are stepping on the strap, Darling. Why are you doing that?”

“Maybe I want to see you bend over again.” Kyra hiked an eyebrow at the other woman, “Darling.”

The other woman laughed. “Of course you do. I have a magnificent bum.”

The woman winked, bent over dramatically pointing her rear end in Kyra’s direction and grabbed the case.

Kyra, feeling cheeky, grabbed a hand full of the woman’s shapely bottom and squeezed.

The woman squealed and Kyra, taking her cue, bent over her back and whispered in her ear.

“If you liked that, you’re gonna love this.”

Leaning back, Kyra replaced her hand with her foot on the other woman’s bottom. Giving the prone female a firm shove, Kyra’s opponent pitched head first onto the floor. Swiftly bending down, Kyra grabbed the bag’s strap and exited via the door the woman had come through.

As the door slammed shut behind her, she could hear the woman cursing.


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