Wordy Wednesdays: TEN (Part Four)

Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays! As promised, here is Part Four of Five of my new short story, “TEN”. Stay tuned as I release a new part of the story every week!

If you missed previous parts of the story, you can find them at the links below. Enjoy! 🙂

Previous parts of the story:

Part One

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Kyra stood still, listening intently. The room had gray walls and low lighting. To her right was a large metal desk in the shape of a U positioned in front of a large, blank, gray wall. The desk housed several monitors and served as the surveillance for the operation that showed everything going on. Cameras were placed in the garage, the hallway, the outer room, the room she was in, and in another room. The last room’s camera appeared to be malfunctioning as Kyra could see nothing on it. Kyra watched as the woman in the outer room got up from the floor, mocked tipping her hat at the camera and left. Shutting the outer room door quietly behind her, the woman exited the way Kyra had come in.

On the corner of the metal desk was a now-familiar scrap of paper and Kyra picked it up. “The path is before you.” She pocketed the paper and looked around the room.

To Kyra’s left, there was a closed door. It was solid white and bore no window or identifying sign indicating where it may lead. Kyra took a step toward that door, listening carefully. She could barely see a thin line of light coming from under the door and as she neared, a shadow passed through the light. Standing stock still, Kyra held her breath, her eyes on the handle of the door. The shadow paused in front of the door. Kyra looked to the monitors, attempting to determine which room was on the other side of the door. She didn’t see anyone on any of the monitors, so she concluded the room on the other side must be the one she couldn’t see on the displays.

The only other door in the room was open slightly and read ‘Cleaning Supplies’ on a dingy plaque. This was too easy. Smiling, Kyra turned and stepped toward the Cleaning closet. Breathing quietly, she glanced at the screens and saw a flash of movement in the outer room.

Kyra quickly strapped the case to her back and opened the supply room door. Entering the tiny room, she closed the door firmly behind her and stood quietly in the dark. Using her internal clock, Kyra waited 5 minutes and 27 seconds before slipping a penlight from her sleeve and turning to face the back wall of the closet. Hearing nothing from the room outside the door, she aimed the penlight at the wall seams and immediately located the latch. Reaching to the front pocket of the bag on her back, she slipped out a tool kit and removed a tiny shim. Sliding it into the latch, she triggered the latch and stepped to the side as the tiny door swung open into the closet.

A cool whoosh of air touched Kyra’s hair. She smelled lemons. Standing perfectly still, Kyra waited an additional 4 minutes and 33 seconds before peeking around the open doorway. From her vantage point in the closet, Kyra couldn’t see much in the other room. There was the edge of a chair just barely visible close to where she hid, but there wasn’t much else in her line of sight.

Replacing the shim and kit in the bag along with the penlight, Kyra crouched low to the floor and listened quietly. Deciding the room must be empty, she slowly stood and stepped through the doorway.


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