Wordy Wednesdays: TEN (Part Five)

Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays! Here is the exciting conclusion, Part Five of Five of my new short story, “TEN”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story and let me know what you think!

If you missed previous parts of the story, you can find them at the links below. Enjoy! 🙂

Previous parts of the story:

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Finish Line

As Kyra crossed the threshold, she moved cautiously. Stopping just inside the room, she looked around. There was a large wooden desk to her left in front of a big window pane. Outside, the sky was blue with puffy white clouds and the sun shone in the window warmly. The chair behind the desk was turned as if someone had recently left it in a hurry, not bothering to push it in behind the desk.

To her right, there was a wooden framed couch and chair set with a coffee table and side table in matching wood tones. The cloth on the couch and chair were light gray with splashes of color like someone couldn’t decide which color to put on so they just put them all. Kyra wrinkled her nose and grimaced at the ugly furnishings.

On the floor at her feet was a tiny slip of paper. Kyra picked it up and turned it over to read the message. “Great treasure will be yours.” the paper promised and she smiled.

A lone plant stood in the corner across from the couch and chair and a water cooler was next to the plant. The cooler bubbled gently and Kyra knew someone had retrieved water from the cooler only recently. On the bookshelf next to the desk, Kyra spotted what she was after. Carved from crystal and filled with shining color, it glittered in the light.

Next to the chair was a door leading out of the office. Kyra swiftly moved the chair to block the door and turned toward the bookcase and her prize. Crossing the distance quickly, Kyra stretched up on her toes to grab the crystal treasure. She couldn’t quite reach it. Glancing around, she saw the chair behind the desk and walked to grab it. Wheeling the chair over to the shelf, she prepared to climb up and grab the crystal bowl.


The door opened and Dr. Martinson stepped in.

“Don’t climb on that chair, Kyra. You could fall and get hurt.”

Kyra blinked at her. ‘Is she serious?’

“It has wheels.” The doctor pointed to the bottom of the chair.

Men in white uniforms entered the room behind the doctor and took the chair from Kyra.

“You know I’ll get it for you, Kyra. Have a seat.”

Crossing to the couch, Kyra sat quietly, waiting for the doctor.

Dr. Martinson, quite a bit taller than Kyra’s 5 foot 5 inches, grabbed the candy bowl and sat next to Kyra on the couch.

“Here you are dear.” She opened the lid and offered it to Kyra. “Only two now.”

Kyra smiled and picked out two shining wrappers.

“Was that fun?” the doctor asked her with a smile.

Kyra, her mouth full of a chewy caramel candy smiled and shook her head up and down.

“I’m glad.” Dr. Martinson said. Setting the crystal candy dish on the coffee table, she held her hand out to Kyra. “Now give me the messages, dear, and tell me about your adventure.”

Kyra placed the crumpled messages in the doctor’s hand and began to tell the doctor her story. Afterward, she let the orderlies lead her to her room, her backpack bouncing as she walked.

When the girl had left, Dr. Martinson sat at her desk and got out Kyra’s file.


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