Wordy Wednesdays: OneWord – Biblical

The Sergeant stood over us, arms waving in the air, spittle flying from his flapping lips.
Max and I glanced at one another and both reached for a napkin.
“This is a problem of bible, biblio,…bibliacal, DAMN IT!”
He always got frustrated when his words didn’t come out right, which was often.
“Biblical.” I said.
“Thank you.” He took a breath and continued his tirade. “And I don’t know how in the hell you idiots think you can just sit there and smirk at me when this shit’s going down.”
Max grabbed his coat and headed for the door.
Shrugging at McLeode, I grabbed my coat and headed after Max.



This piece is written from a OneWord.com prompt. Today’s word is ‘Biblical’. Check out their website and if you join up, add me to your friends list!

See you soon and in the meanwhile, Happy Reading!

~ Eileen 🙂


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