Memories of Rain

Memories of Rain


Softly the rain falls upon my upturned face

Like the slightly parted lips of God

The touch is velvet

Gentle and loving

Caressing and warm

All consuming

Like love

The rain reaches out and surrounds me

Like a woolen cloak

That enshrouds me

From the grievances

That I am better to forget

The scent assails me and fills my nostrils and lungs

With the pure scent of life

Throwing pictures of purity and

Innocence into my mind

I whirl and dance among the drops

Casting my arms in wide arcs

Hoping to catch each

And every drop

So I can keep them all for myself

In the palm of my hand

But like a broken dream

The drops slip through my fingers

And fall

Soundlessly to the ground

Lost among the soil

Like a seed

Waiting to grow and become

Someone else’s dream

Hoping to one day

Flourish and come true

I run and skip

Playing in and with the rain

Remember childhood games

And people

Long forgotten

The rain washes away my years

And I hurl myself

Headlong into the laughing

Embrace of the rain

The torrent falls

In immaculate sheets

Of joy and fortuitousness

Each bead containing

The unfulfilled dream

Or hope of a child

But nevertheless

Overflowing with bliss

I can feel my soul

Flying about me

So happy to be free

And I can

Taste the salt

Of my tears as the rain


I stand

Hair tumbling about my face

And watch the retreating clouds

All the rain has left me

Is the memory of the cloak

And I am once again left

With my miseries

That I would be better

To forget

And I sit

And dream

And hope

And wait

For the rain to come



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