NaNoWriMo Progress: 21,600 Words!

Hey everyone!

In case you didn’t know, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year. This is day 7 and I just logged my updated word count at 21,600.

I am ahead of schedule and last weekend’s goal of 5,000 words each day kind of kicked my booty, so this weekend, I’m sticking to my 2,000 words per day goal. Check out my dashboard, yo!


I’ve finished my 2,000 words for today, finishing 2,147 as indicated on my dashboard. I also have a word goal that I set per chapter in my Scrivener application and when I reach it, the bar turns green, so I know I’ve hit my mark.

Here’s a shot of a snippet from the end of Chapter 10, heading into Part II of the novel where the meat happens. Underneath, you can see the chapter word count and on the bottom right, you can see my goal bar is green ’cause I’m a good girl and did all my words today. πŸ™‚


Are any of you participating in NaNo this year? How’s it going? If you need some inspiration, check out my Resources Page for writing prompts, ideas and other resources. I’m so proud of myself for sticking to my goals and meeting my daily goals every day so far. I won’t lie, it’s hard work and I’m tired. But it will be SO worth it once November is over and I have the completed first novel in my series (series? Yes, series!) of novels to come. And I’m so proud of YOU for participating and hanging in there. If you’ve fallen behind in your goals, it’s not too late to get caught up. Just dedicate some time to writing this weekend and you’ll be back in the game!

Happy Writing!

~ Eileen πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Progress: 21,600 Words!

  1. Show off! πŸ˜‰

    (Hoping to get back on par by tomorrow, and pull ahead on the weekend. It’s hard when you work full time and you’re under the weather).

    Congratulations on your good work!

    • Thank you! You can do it! I work full-time, have two kids (one is special needs), and a demanding family whom I love and can’t say no to! πŸ™‚
      It is so hard, it really is. Some people think, “What’s the problem? You just sit down and write!” But it’s not that easy.
      I participated in NaNo last year and did not even come anywhere close to finishing. So this year, I made a commitment and I’m killing myself to stick to it!
      I hope you’re feeling better this weekend and get caught up! I’m rooting for you! πŸ™‚

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