Dear Diary 02.14.14


Well, it’s arrived. Valentine’s Day. I have seen several prompts to get me writing on love and general valentiney-ness. I just can’t think of anything to write. Does my lack of inspiration mean I have grown jaded in my ‘old age’? I don’t see myself as being a jaded person. But neither am I starry eyed. I work at a University, so I see young couples all the time walking across campus. They hold hands and smile warmly at each other, walking close in the wind or rain. I wonder if they will end up married with families; in a happy and loving relationship or if the future holds heart break for them. I look at them and I watch and wonder. 

When you’re an adult and you’re married, maintaining a good relationship with your spouse is difficult when you are both pressed for time, there are children and house chores involved. It’s not easy to be honest to like one another on a daily basis when all the little things get in the way. You forget the things you loved about one another when you were younger or first together. You only think about the dirty clothes that pile up and the chores that don’t get done. You think about the annoying way your spouse chews their food or snores in their sleep.

Even though the sparkly shine may be gone from the love you once rejoiced over, it doesn’t mean the frame isn’t still solid. I have learned that there are things worth fighting about and things worth fighting for and once you decipher the difference between what those things are, you’ll be alright.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I hope your life is full of love in one form or another and that you take time to celebrate that love in any way you can.




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