Future Endeavors

Future Endeavors

I could hear paper tearing all around the room. I turned the envelope over in my hands, savoring the anticipation. Slowly I slid a finger under the flap and pulled it open.

I could hear kids in the room around me begin to discuss their results. Del Martin shouted out that he was going to be a lawyer before immediately putting the enclosed chip into his spinal receptor and leaving the room spouting legal theory.

I slowly read the first page that explained the enclosed test results and accompanying program chips.

Kids were leaving the room all around me, but I stayed seated, reading the booklet.

Thee were three options enclosed in my packet. I had 24 hours to choose one or one would be chosen for me. My hands began to shake as I turned to the results section and began to read.

A nurse. My first choice was to be a nurse. I could never be a nurse. I didn’t like people and I could never give shots to kids or empty bed pans for old people. I quickly turned to my second choice.

Second up was a Tennis Instructor. I didn’t even know how to play Tennis. I guess that’s what the chip was for though. That sounded really boring.

I signed and turned to my third choice. A Forest Ranger in the Avgar Mountain range. I stared down at the page. I did not want any of these careers. How could this happen?

I turned to the cover of the booklet. Yep, my name was there on the front, Eliya Blund. Eliya Blund. There was no way these were my results.

I wanted to be a computer programmer, not any of these other dumb things! But these were my choices and I had to pick one. The timer on the cover counted down the hours and minutes until a choice was made for me.

I shoved the whole packet into my book bag and left the classroom.

Computer Chip

Happy Reading!

~ Eileen 🙂


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