Penny for your thoughts

Penny for Your Thoughts

Driving down Paloma Avenue, Christy had the top down and a pink scarf around her head to protect her blond hair. Her sunglasses were big and her skirt short as dictated by current fashion trends.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Christy glanced at her passenger seat and grimaced, not caring if he saw her expression of disgust.

“My thoughts are worth much more than a penny, Terrance.”

He was silent for a moment and then, “I only meant…”

“I know what you meant.”

Pulling in to the parking lot, Christy found an empty slot and slid her Mercedes into it. Stepping out, her stilettos clicked satisfactorily on the pavement. She walked, knowing he would follow. He always followed.

Riding the elevator to the seventeenth floor, she walked to the correct door and entered. When it was her turn and she was seated comfortably in her usual chair, she waited patiently. She looked silently at the woman across from her.

“Well?” The woman asked.

“Well, what?” Christy countered.

“You know what, Christy.” The brunette across from her uncrossed and crossed her legs.

Christy looked sharply at the older woman. “Why are you nervous?” she hissed, leaning forward intently.

The other woman just smiled.


Happy Reading!

~ Eileen šŸ™‚


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