“You don’t know? Or you won’t tell me?” He pushed the paper into my face, his eyes never leaving mine.

My heart hammered in my chest and I was sure he could hear it.

“I… I…” My mind swam and I struggled to think of what to say.

“Hurry up, Melissa. Make up another excuse.”

“It’s not about you.” I said quietly, begging him with my eyes to believe me even if he didn’t understand.

“How can it not be about me?! It’s got my name right on it.” He waved the paper again.

“It’s not your name.” I said, hoping he would understand and I wouldn’t have to explain it.

“What? It’s right here.” He jabbed a finger at the paper. “Misspelled, but it’s my name!”

“It’s not misspelled and it’s not your name.”

He was silent for a moment, blinking at me, and then he understood.


Happy Reading!

~ Eileen 🙂


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