Michael took a step forward, his foot  landing on squishy ground. He could feel heat permeating through his shoe, getting hotter the longer his foot stayed in the same spot.

Not sure if he should move or stay put Michael watched the ground around his feet begin to shake gently before soil became displaced and tiny green shoots burst forth. Looking like stalks of grass with arms, the shoots began to pollulate all around where his feet rested on the mushy surface.

“What the…” he muttered and bent down to examine the new life.

He looked closely, bending his knees so he could get close to the plants without touching them with his skin.

His breath ruffled the stalks and the tiny arms began to move and wave. The arms slowly grew longer, stretching higher and causing Michael to lean back to avoid the arms from touching his face.

The arms of the plants become long and began to wrap around Michael’s shoes. He gently tried to lift his shoe but found it stuck fast to the ground. His heart began to beat faster. Neither of his feet could be budged.

Reaching for his belt knife, Michael removed it from it’s case and bent down once more. The plant arms had completely covered his shoe by this time and as he applied his blade to the arms, the forest was filled with screams unlike any he’d heard before.

Image by: BessaAlmeida (http://mrg.bz/X2JPNo)

Image by: BessaAlmeida (http://mrg.bz/X2JPNo)


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