Tell me again, Dear Friend
How your day was
What’s happened to you
Since last we met.

I have put on my smile
And my listening ears
Yes, I’m fine
Tell me about you

I don’t know how
To make idle chatter
I never quite learned
Or got the gist

Nod and laugh
When I know it’s
Expected of me
Sip my coffee throughout

Maybe this time I
Will say something
Put a piece of myself
On display, to see

Something’s missing, Dear Friend
No, it’s not my phone
I have my keys
Right here, yes. Good.

But first I’ll listen
One more time
About your planned
Family trip to the sea.

No, I’m fine, coffee’s gone
I’d better get going.
Nice to see you
Don’t be a stranger.

Hug, wave, promise to
Feel the same as I did
Before I came,
As I sat inside.

As I sit now.
Fraying at the seams

Push my stuffing
Back inside
Sew it up again
It’s time to do

Something important.
Start the car
Turn on a radio
That I never hear

Pretend to sing along.

Image by: 5DeMayo (http://mrg.bz/uZ3zpY)

Image by: 5DeMayo (http://mrg.bz/uZ3zpY)


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