To Fly

How to fly with
Clipped wings
Moving with
clumsy hesitance
unsure if they
should flap
or let the fall

no time for thought
for times fought
with blind passion
and stone solid
no restrictions
to keep it back
to shield
to protect
a clear lane
unfettered with
life’s clear conscious.

Alive, the ever
changing world
in which we
live in makes
us want to give
up and fly.

Try every day
in every way
to be someone
who flies
but time
and again
I must rise
from the ashes
soaring high
making passes
high above all
and above all
remembering there
is something
and someone
I must do.

Mushrooms grow
and die in the
dank dark and I
prepare to live
and die in the
light if it
will have me
it it will
bathe me
in soft

Image by: DTL (

Image by: DTL



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