Selfish Fish

This poem is a piece from my new poetry chapbook, In the Feels. It is available on Amazon for $2.99 and includes 20 original pieces that have never been posted on by website before (except for the one below that I’m posting now!). You can also read it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Thanks for your support!


Selfish Fish

At what point does
your selfishness set
you free from your
guilt and disgustation?
When does your center of
gravity shift to include
someone besides yourself
someone besides anyone
but you who love
and love and love with
only your mouth.
Tell me how to go foreword
and not let the
violent current overtake
me and carry my
helpless body along the
mad ride pushing me
under the surface
where only you can
breathe, where only you
can be, can see, not me.
Swirling, twirling,
tumbling rocks dashed
on rocks with no soft
sand to land. Lend me
your hand that I may
lead you from the dark
depths of you and into
the part of you I know
can be better.



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