Weak in the Knees

Poem from my poetry chapbook: In the Feels

Weak in the Knees

I became still when
they handed you to me.

Sucking in my breath
through my nose I
could smell the scent
of me and you combined.

Ten toes, ten fingers my
belly flat where once
you lingered and slept.

Welcome to the world my
little one, may the
joys and delights of
your earthly plunder
astonish me and blow my
eyes wide with wonder.

My heart, my love, my
boy among men, never
be what anyone tells
you to be but only
be that which you
can describe with a
rushing of blood and a
disorientation of place,
of space, of grace so
that you are made awkward
by the beauty of it.

Hold someone you love
and grow still, the kind
of stillness that makes
you suck in your
breath because you’ve
forgotten to breathe, been
brought to your knees,
forgotten your needs.




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