In the Feels

Poem from my poetry chapbook: In the Feels

In the Feels

That moment when you
feel it wishing you
could heal it but
knowing there is no
use for it. And so you
let it go. Reaching,
never preaching of
something more, through
the next door or around
the next corner. Cruising
through life, through time
and space, running a
race you can’t win.

In the sun, in the rain,
you’ll see it again and
again. Plodding, leaping,
sliding through this
novel called life we
wait for that ever
lingering moment
when we feel Something
or anything because
we’ve all felt nothing
and that is no way
to travel. We all live
for the moments that
smash us, caress us,
careen into us like
drunken cats on just
washed floors,
paws splayed and
tail fluffed like a crazy
bottle brush with claws
until we slam into
someone else. Another
soul seeking to feel
something or anything.

Waiting for a sucker
punch right in the feels.

Image by: DTL (

Image by: DTL



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