Walking Away

Poem from my poetry chapbook: In the Feels

Walking Away

Wanting to say words
I know I shouldn’t
if only the pain wouldn’t
feel so much. Needing
to go, always stopping
at the door knowing
my regrets will be made
by your anger. The haze
just a phase that falls
down around my ears
dimming the sight more
wholely than night’s dark
blanket of stars. Cold anew
an attachment askew
a lifetime of never should
have dones and glad of
where I’ve beens. Closing
windows to block the
wind carrying sounds
of change of strange
ideas or feels. Now
weird and wired our
life is led by ourselves
outside ourselves. Myself
a stranger to the one
inside calling out as
friend in a voice
only known to a foe
as I know and go to
where I hear not the
chanting lament of my
dreams turning away
from me. I see I
see. I flee. And let them

Dark Sky



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