Dancing in Place

Poem from my poetry chapbook: In the Feels

Dancing in Place

With eyes thrown wide
to let in the light I
thrust a fist to the
sky. My heart so high
a red balloon, it flies
away on heaven’s breath
away and away and away.

Onward to glory never
looking back never
touching down always
keeping the feet twinkling
with the toes. With a
whoop and a shout I
dance the stationery dance
of one who has known
joy. Feet tapping hands
clapping heart keeping
time. Dreams
escape and leap forth
on fairy wings and
cloven faun hooves
prancing in the light
until it changes and
comes from another
source just as bright.

My thoughts scatter,
skittering like Autumn
leaves a merry sound.

My victory lap is sweet
and the heat flushes
my cheeks but I don’t
care. It’s there, beating
in my chest pounding
upon its bony prison
to be let out where its
joy would know no
bounds. Exhausted I
fall to my knees and
yet every part of me
cannot contain itself.



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