Vacant Eyes

Poem from my poetry chapbook: In the Feels

Vacant Eyes

I have failed and I
will fail time and
once upon a time
again not knowing
how I got here or why
I am so near the
edge, the end. But at
least I won’t have
those decisions to make
anymore I’ll just hand
all of those over to you
in their torn and
tattered sack frayed
around the edges like
a child’s well loved
toy bear. Backing
away, my eyes red my
heart dead I struggle
to turn away get
away on shaking knees
shivering core torn.

I agree to agree to
avoid the fight I
know lies in wait
so I wait too. Loathing
me I dash the tears I
plead and beg my fears
for years to draw the
end near. With a
head held high on
false sighs I meet
the gaze with vacant
eyes and pretend that
I am strong.

Dark Ocean



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