Slow Burn

Slow Burn

I feel it when you’re

near me breathing in

my air, taking control

of my universe for these

moments and I don’t

care. I lick my lips in

sweet anticipation of

the electricity and

complexity of our mingled

breath. Excuses to touch

maybe too much for

others but not for us.

Lost is all sense of

time and reason, caution

meets wind so our life

can begin and begin

and begin each time

we meet. Shared space,

lost dates, a rancid hate

for your absence an

abscess on my patience.

Smiles that cannot be

contained, bodies drawn

close as magnets, clinking

together when proximity

meets possibility. Closed

world for only you and

only me where no one

can see and we can

just be. My feet turn

toward you like a

flower to the sun,

soaking in your essence

and storing it away.

Away you’ll go throwing

me onto the coals

until your return, I burn.